August Schedule of Shows on IBO Radio

  1. Sunday the 14th of August from 7 to 9 pm  EST is our first show, be sure to tune in!  We will be having Patrick K. Kroupa of the Ibogaine List on MindVox. The title of the show will be, “Patrick and the List: the Future of Online Ibogaine Advocacy and Community,” and we will be discussing the early years of the List, the major players back then in the fledgling Ibogaine Advocacy Movement, and what he can talk about as far as his involvement with the research team of Dr. Mash. I am sure we will have some great e-mails for Patrick to answer, testimonials from anyone on the list that wants to send them before the 10th for Patrick’s show (anytime for future shows), and lots of people calling in live to talk with this writer, activist, and true original.
  2. Next up, will be Beverly Weaver on the 21st, 7 to 9 pm EST with a possible special guest Beverly wants to come on the air with her. Something any guest on IBO Radio is free to do, we have no rigid format for this show–it is guest and listener driven–we give all guests open opportunity to mold the show to their liking–bring on guests of their own, read or have audio of testimonials, decide what they want to talk about and what they don’t, etc. Her show will be called “Ibogaine and Alcohol Dependency” and we will center our discussion around how entheogens in general and Ibogaine specifically might be able to help hardcore drunks who have tried everything to stop and can’t….I was one of those people saved by these plant allies and know it isn’t medical quackery as i had once thought when deep into my cups, but really useful tools in the fight against this hard to kick addiction
  3. Our last show’s time will be announced, but we will be talking to Yo-sef Gamal, one of the few Ibogaine providers in Egypt. The show is called, “Ibogaine in a New Egypt: Tales from the Frontline of Addiction Interruption” and Yo-sef and I will be discussing his role in Egypt as a provider and I am sure a bit about the Winter Uprising. More to come on this show soon!
Damon Matthew Smith
Creative Director. IBO Radio

IBO Radio Is:

IBO Radio is:
a unified, cooperative collective of thousands of voices speaking with passion about one subject, so singular, such amazing world potential: Ibogaine.

a force for the great spirit of this amazing organism, the tree of life or the biggest breakthrough in addiction therapy…how ever you see it, we will say it!
a discussion place at our Facebook page where you can support our efforts by… spreading the word with your family and friends about us and our mission.

a depository of Ibogaine related videos on our YouTube Channel, where we will add daily new media, provider presentations, documentaries, and client testimonials.
a broadcast organization with a very lofty goal, expose the world to the healing power of this plant and its chemical components, one radio listener at a time.
an advocate for the legalized use of this substance, medical, psycho-spiritual, and sacramental, and an ibogaine activist’s center for updates: @iboradio on Twitter.
a place for promotion of Ibogaine providers and their clinics, and other members of the List, on our (bi-)weekly live Internet radio show.