IBO Radio Is:

IBO Radio is:
a unified, cooperative collective of thousands of voices speaking with passion about one subject, so singular, such amazing world potential: Ibogaine.

a force for the great spirit of this amazing organism, the tree of life or the biggest breakthrough in addiction therapy…how ever you see it, we will say it!
a discussion place at our Facebook page where you can support our efforts by… spreading the word with your family and friends about us and our mission.

a depository of Ibogaine related videos on our YouTube Channel, where we will add daily new media, provider presentations, documentaries, and client testimonials.
a broadcast organization with a very lofty goal, expose the world to the healing power of this plant and its chemical components, one radio listener at a time.
an advocate for the legalized use of this substance, medical, psycho-spiritual, and sacramental, and an ibogaine activist’s center for updates: @iboradio on Twitter.
a place for promotion of Ibogaine providers and their clinics, and other members of the List, on our (bi-)weekly live Internet radio show.


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